Meet the founders of Travertine, Charm Industrial, and Mission Zero

This series follows the entrepreneurs and scientists who are trying to crack permanent carbon removal at scale.

January 24, 2023

Travertine converts CO₂ into rocks

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“One of the key motivators of Travertine is taking one of the major waste products that humans make, which is sulfate waste, and trying to turn them back into something valuable to help promote this clean energy transition.”

Laura, CEO at Travertine

Charm puts oil back underground

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“When I’m asked to describe the climate challenge to someone, I often talk about how we have to get to such an enormous scale in such a short period of time. It sounds daunting but really this is just a big engineering challenge. And it's a challenge we can tackle.”

Peter, Cofounder & CEO at Charm Industrial

Mission Zero captures CO₂ from the air

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“There’s tons of things you can do with CO₂. Our commercial thesis is that you’re going to achieve both the most economic growth and environmental progress by injecting CO₂ into building materials and in synthetic aviation fuels.”

Gael, Nick, and Shiladitya, Cofounders at Mission Zero

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